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Mińsk Mazowiecki

Kraj i Miasto Poland, Mińsk Mazowiecki

2018-07-03 13:03:00

Case Study Szczegóły


Kraj i Miasto Poland, Białobrzegi

2018-07-03 12:01:00

Case Study Szczegóły

Zalew Szczecinski, Trzebiez

Kraj i Miasto Poland, Trzebiez

2018-07-03 11:23:00

Case Study Szczegóły

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Playground Equipment

Our range includes springers and rockers, seesaws, swings, slides, roundabouts and spinners, sand and water products, cableways, trail play and many other accessories.

Junior Multiplay (1-5)

Provides young children with stimulating play opportunities and contributes positively to their physical and mental development.

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Modular MultiPlay (3-12)

Combines quieter activities accessible to younger or less confident children on the ground floor and exciting physical challenges on the upper floor.

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Steel MultiPlay

Our ranges inspire young minds to imaginative play opportunities through intriguing design and colours, encouraging physical play that helps develop strength and coordination.

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Robinia MultiPlay

Our Robinia play range boasts a natural look which blends in harmoniously with urban or rural green spaces.

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Steel Trail

NRG is based around developing a child’s physical abilities, whilst promoting social interaction and skill building. The modular design allows you to create configurations tailored to your space and budget.

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Themed UniMini

Our pirate and fairy tale themed unit are adorned with graphic panels mimicking castles, ships and they feature a number of characters, including knights, princesses and dragons, to ignite children's imagination.

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A playground classic, swings have been a permanent fixture in public outdoor spaces for decades and they are one of the most recognisable, well-loved play units among the general public.

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Swing Seats

The choice of seat depends on the desired age group and the number of users playing at a given time. 

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Swing Frames

Chose from timber swing frames to blend harmoniously into a rural setting or modern-looking, bold designs echoing the urban architecture in contemporary steel designs.

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Spring Toys

Springers are an all-time favourite and have been a playground fixture for decades. Despite their seemingly simple design they offer high play value and contribute to the physical development of young children. 

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. By engaging in a rocking motion, toddlers develop gross motor and balance skills and gradually build core strength. 

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Standalone spinning equipment for single riders

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Roundabouts provide positive interaction opportunities and encourage face-to-face communication.

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Balance Courses

There are numerous individual activity units, all with different challenges. These can be arranged in virtually any configuration to create your own bespoke layout, or choose one of our complete courses.

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Play Panels

Play Panels create opportunities for improving communication skills through role play and encouraging social interaction.

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Standalone Slides, Tube Slides & Embankment slides

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Get from point a to point b in record time on our thrilling cableways.

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Dynamic Play

Dynamic playground pieces which defy convention and provide experiences not found in tradional playground equipment.

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Bespoke Castle Themed UniPlay, Velten, Germany

This striking castle-themed UniPlay Lycce unit with bespoke engraved screen panels was commissioned by Velten city council as part of a scheme to increase play and sports provision for older children. Steel posts and HPL panels were chosen for their durability and resilience, considering that there is a history of vandalism in this less privileged part of town.

  • The team’s communication and liaison was excellent. Where compromise was necessary because of prevailing conditions, the outcome was always in the best interests of the children. All parties brought their own skill set and worked as a dream team!

    Julia Buck, School business manager, Lydgate Junior School