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Mińsk Mazowiecki

Kraj i Miasto Poland, Mińsk Mazowiecki

2018-07-03 13:03:00

Case Study Szczegóły


Kraj i Miasto Poland, Białobrzegi

2018-07-03 12:01:00

Case Study Szczegóły

Zalew Szczecinski, Trzebiez

Kraj i Miasto Poland, Trzebiez

2018-07-03 11:23:00

Case Study Szczegóły

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HAGS play equipment has been designed and customized to offer the greatest possible challenge and play value for the skills the children have or are expected to have at different ages. Children develop differently so you cannot expect that all children can handle all the challenge of play referred to the different user ages. Likewise, there are children who have developed the ability or skill that makes it possible to freely use the play equipment designed for much older children.

This may mean that the playground equipment with the intended user age + 5 years, may well offer stimulation and challenge for the older children in a kindergarten.

Intended user age +1 years

Playground equipment intended for the youngest children and the simple play functions. Play functions are easy to access and drop heights are lower than 0.6m. Examples of these equipment may be playhouses, small slides or simple rocking equipment. In this age, the child's own self-protection ability is not yet developed and the child cannot handle the different situations during the game. Therefore, it is assumed always to subordinate supervision are adult or escort*. Suitable environments is preschool and / or part of the playground which is reserved for the youngest children.

* Security Responsibility for smaller children in addition to adults given to young people aged 12 to 14 years but not for younger people.

Intended user age +3 years

Playground equipment where children begin to be able to evaluate the opportunity to meet some of the challenges on offer. These tools can handle the child itself easier challenges such as climbing, sliding, and rocking. Equipment height where the user can stand, sit or climb is often lower than 0.6m but the higher elevations may occur. Suitable environments is preschool and / or part of a playground designed/intended for younger children.

Intended user age +5 years

Playground equipment intended for the playground and public places such as parks. Playground equipment is designed so that the smaller children have easy access. Playground equipment offer play for individual use or in groups according to their own rules or designs for the play, which at any time can change. In this age, most children have developed a self-protection capability that enables them to assess how to play and what you can handle. The body length, the child user ability and physical strength now makes it possible to use virtually all play functions.

For this user's age is free height of fall, often between 1.5-2.0 m, where the free height of fall always is lower than 3.0m.

Intended user age years +7

This user's age requires a larger body size and skill than what relates to user age
+5 years but otherwise does the rest of this age +5 years.