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Mińsk Mazowiecki

Kraj i Miasto Poland, Mińsk Mazowiecki

2018-07-03 13:03:00

Case Study Szczegóły


Kraj i Miasto Poland, Białobrzegi

2018-07-03 12:01:00

Case Study Szczegóły

Zalew Szczecinski, Trzebiez

Kraj i Miasto Poland, Trzebiez

2018-07-03 11:23:00

Case Study Szczegóły

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HAGS was founded in 1948 by Sven Hultgren, Nils Andersson and Rune Gustavsson, which is where we get our name.


In the 1950s HAGS focussed on design, function and production. We also started to develop our range of Park and Urban Furniture.


In the 1960s HAGS began using durable materials and steel, working alongside well-known industrial designers.

Working alongside landscape architects, product designers and experts in pedagogics, HAGS implemented natural materials and colours into our products during the 1970s. This was also the decade in which our first water play concept was developed.

Our unique modular play system, UniPlay, was developed during the 1980s. UniPlay offers the opportunity for many combinations and is still our most popular product range.

UniPlay was re-scaled for younger children in the 1990s, launching as the UniMini range.

At the turn of the century HAGS research and development significally enhanced the product offering. An innovative steel multi-function play system was launched, Agito, and we began to produce outdoor sports and fitness products.

HAGS aquired SMP Ltd in the 2010s. SMP, a UK based play company renowned for durable steel structures, introduced the NRG, Nexus and Arena product ranges as well as a number of traditional and dynamic playground items.

Today HAGS is the market leader in innovative design and play systems. Our portfolio is larger than ever, giving customers a fantastic choice. We have established a purpose built manufacturing facility in Poland and our story continues....